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VapCap NonaVonG-XLS Blackwood (+€10.00) image Vapeace1
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VapCap NonaVonG-XLS  image Vapeace1
VapCap NonaVonG-XLS  image Vapeace1
VapCap NonaVonG-XLS  image Vapeace1
VapCap NonaVonG-XLS  image Vapeace1

VapCap NonaVonG-XLS

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VapCap NonaVonG-XLS

The NonaVonG is now available in XL size! The longer size makes the vapour cooler, it also makes the NonaVonG easier and more comfortable to hold. Just like any other VapCap model, the NonaVonG-XLS is completely modular. This version of the NonaVong is compatible with all VapCap-XLS parts.

DynaVap's NonaVong -XLS VapCap has a 14 mm taper built into the midsection, so it can easily be used with your favourite water filtration piece. The tip is constructed from titanium. This is the perfect VapCap version for those who love their vapour water cooled.

Handcrafted in the USA, the beautiful design and premium materials used give the NonaVong a classic and timeless look and feel.

What is VapCap?

VapCap is a super small, discreet vaporizer that operates without use of electronics or a battery. After filling the tip with a small amount of herb or other material (VapCap can also be used with pressed resins and even sticky concentrates), and placing the cap back on, a lighter (preferably torch lighter) is used to evenly heat the cap. Once the cap makes a 'clicking' sound (and slight vibration), your VapCap is ready for use. Inhale and enjoy thick and tasty vapour! The cap will click again once it has cooled down, ready to be heated again.

VapCap heats your material at temperatures between ~170°C and ~220°C. The temperature also depends on where you apply the heat, close to the very tip of the cap (lower temperatures) or closer to the other end for higher temps.

Regardless of the load, VapCap is capable of providing thick, flavourful vapour in seconds!

NonaVonG-XLS style


The NonaVonG-XLS is available in two beautiful types of wood that both have their unique style, taste and feel. Choose from exotic cocobolo wood, or more subtle looking blackwood

Size:  109 mm

Please note: the colour and patterns of the wood are unique, and may therefore look slightly different than the ones pictured.


1 VapCap NonaVonG-XLS vaporizer
1 storage tube

How to use the VapCap NonaVonG

  1. VapCap is very easy to use. Simply remove the small metal cap and load the VapCap with ground material (or small pieces of resin).
  2. Close the cap again
  3. Stick the NonaVonG-XLS into the water pipe insert 
  4. Apply heat to the side of the cap, while rotating, until you feel or hear the click
  5. When it clicks, it’s ready for use
  6. Inhale and enjoy! You should be able to get 1-2 good draws from each heat-up session
  7. When the VapCap has cooled, it will click again. It is now ready to be heated up again.Important: do NOT continue to heat the VapCap after the initial click. Doing so will lead to combustion and could potentially damage your device.

Material Compatibility / Lighter requirements

The DynaVap VapCap vapes can be used with dry herb, (pressed) resin and concentrates. Make sure to crumble the resin into smaller particles and remove the residue after each vaping session. For oily resins, use DynaVap's degummed hemp fiber to prevent your VapCap screen from clogging.

Although the VapCap will work with any flame as heat source (regular lighter flame, candle flame or even a hot stick from the camp fire) we recommend using a torch (jet flame) lighter for heating the cap. This allows for fast, even heating and does not leave soot on your VapCap.

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