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Linx Gaia

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The latest portable dry herb vaporizer from Linx: the Gaia. Providing excellence in craftmanship and attention to details, this vape gives you one of the most luxurious vape experiences. The Linx Gaia has a premium vibe, which is achieved by the use of extremely high quality materials. It makes it one of the sleekest and most elegant vaporizers in 2019.

In short, the key features the Linx Gaia has: full temperature control, a powerful battery, a removable glass mouthpiece and a quartz heating chamber. Even though Linx uses high quality materials, they are compact in size, which makes sure it fits comfortable in the palm of your hands. The Linx Gaia offers a great vape for those looking for a discreet, yet powerful vape. And the sleek design is of course a big plus!

Pure flavour

Thanks to the quartz heating chamber and glass mouthpiece, the Linx Gaia produces extremely tasty vapour which isn´t harsh for your throat at all. Smooth and pure vapour, every hit from first to last.

Temperature control

You can manually change the temperature from 93°C and 220°C (200-428°F) so it gives you the full spectrum of the herbs you are about to vape. A digital (OLED) displays the remaining battery life and the temperature settings.

Convection heating

Using convection heating technology, the Linx Gaia vaporizers allows for tasty, smooth vapour. But not only that, it also makes sure you get the most effect from your herbs, as it is the most efficient heating technique in the world of vaporizers. Also, it heats up in just 20 seconds.

Long vape sessions with a powerful battery

Once fully charged, the built-in battery of the Linx Gaia vaporizer provides up to two hours of non-stop use. This means the battery will last around 4 to 6 sessions, depending on the length of your sessions. Charging the battery from empty to full takes about 4 hours. The Micro-USB charger allows for use while charging the vape. The current battery life and settings are shown on the digital OLED display.

Magnetic tool and cap

Included are a magnetic tool and cap. The magnetic tool is hidden at the bottom of the Linx Gaia and helps you for easy stirring, loading and unloading your bowl. The magnetic cap protects the glass mouthpiece.


  • 1 Linx Gaia vaporizer
  • 1 Linx Gaia mouthpiece cap
  • 1 Steel tool
  • 1 Cleaning brush
  • 1 Micro USB charger


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